Why Your Mom Was Right About Braces

dentist pointing at xray

As much as it might pain you to admit it, your mom was right about braces. As kids, many of us resented filing through the halls of our school with a mouth full of metal and were more concerned about preventing a disturbance among the status quo than a lifetime of good oral health. Mom, we’re sorry – we should have listened to you all along.

Despite our initial protest, those of us outfitted with braces at an early age at the behest of the dear ol’ mom are now counting our blessings. Scanning through old photographs of our smiles as children is enough to reinforce mom’s virtue – those jagged teeth could have easily been considered a weapon!

It turns out mom was right about braces far beyond their aesthetics – braces will also help you live a better life. It’s true! These underrated orthodontic devices have been proven to help individuals prevent tooth decay and other oral health complications in the future. Crooked teeth are considerably more difficult to brush and floss.

Although it didn’t seem like it at the time, mom pressuring us into getting braces actually did wonders for our confidence. Sure, it took a little getting used to having braces – eating popcorn simply wasn’t the same – but after we shed our metal orthodontic devices, we were left with beautiful smiles. Through mom’s good graces we inherited the type of smile that made it easier to introduce ourselves and even apply for jobs later on in life.

Mom always knew best, especially when it came to taking care of our teeth. If she isn’t nearby to nag you, just remember her voice in the back of your head – time to visit the dentist! Thanks, mom!