Crazy Food Facts

You are what you eat, but do you really know what you are eating. In this day and age much of our food can be processed or contain ingredients that you don’t know about. Here are Tempe Smiles crazy food facts!

All Froot Loops Taste the Same Regardless of Their Color.

Think about that before you eating a bowl of sugary cereal in the morning!

Food Facts in Tempe, AZ

Subway’s Famous Foot Longs Are Only 11 Inches

“Investigative” journalists found that Subway was skimping on the size of their sandwiches. Jared! How could you?

Subway sandwiche

The Most Popular Pizza Topping in Brazil Is Peas

I think I’ll just stick to pepperoni!

peas and chicken on the pizza

Chicken Today Contains 266 Percent More Fat Than It Did 40 Years Ago

This issue has risen due to modern farming practices that institute cramped environments and unnatural diets.

Chicken Leg

Double-Dipping Does Not Spread Any More Bacteria Than Single Dipping

Although most people still think it’s pretty disgusting.

Baby Carrots Are Simply Regular Carrots That Have Been Shaved Down