Things That Make Us Smile

Sometimes, life can get you down. Whether you have a case of the “Mondays” or you’re just having “one of those days,” smiling can always help change your mood and put you in higher spirits. That’s why we’ve put together a list of things that make us smile! Enjoy!


babies hiding under bunch of flowers

Whether it’s a picture of babies in a flower pot or playing with a baby in real life, we love ’em! Babies always seem to make us smile. This photo by Anne Geddes is a sure-fire way to make anyone smile.


This video just goes to show that having a good time is contagious. One person dancing by themselves sparks an entire concert to start dancing together. Awesome!


puppies sleeping

Who doesn’t love a little puppy? Much like babies, puppies make us smile because they’re so small and SO cute. What’s cuter than some puppies in snuggling with each other in a basket !?

Best friends

Having a friend that can finish your sentences and knows exactly what you’re thinking at any moment is one of the best feelings in the world. Best friends make us smile all the time.


happy face made from fruits

Breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Who doesn’t love food!? Having a full stomach puts a smile on our face — especially after a healthy meal!

Going outside

Whether you’ve been in your office or school all day or you’re like these cows who have been cooped up inside during a long winter, finally getting to go outside will surely bring a big grin to your face!

Your smile!

young woman smiling

Your smile and overall oral hygiene is very important to us. Seeing you happy makes US happy in return. So go ahead, smile!

Hopefully you have a BIG smile after reading through this list. What makes you smile? Tell us on our Facebook or Twitter page, or contact us today!