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Wisdom Teeth Removal at Tempe Smiles Family Dental

Do you still have wisdom teeth? You may need to have these extra teeth surgically extracted to prevent problems from developing in the future. Our specialists can recommend a course of action in as little as one appointment and provide treatment soon after. Schedule your consultation today!
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Extraction Procedure

Your doctor will provide a local anesthetic to numb the area of extraction. A general anesthetic is often provided when several wisdom teeth need removal. This ensures you feel no pain and have little recollection of the procedure. After opening the gum tissue your dentist will separate the tooth from the connecting material. Following the procedure protective stitches are applied.
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Why Do I Need My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Wisdom teeth removal corrects or prevents oral complications from developing. When wisdom teeth uproot through your gums, many issues can occur as some jaws are not large enough to support wisdom teeth. These teeth remain below the gums and are often painful; some wisdom teeth also sprout at an angle, affecting your overall bite.

More serious complications are possible in which an impacted tooth develops infection. An infection can damage other teeth or even lead to a cyst. Wisdom tooth removal helps prevent crowding of your back teeth or teeth from becoming stuck in the jaw. It’s also effective at preventing painful gum flaps from developing over the wisdom tooth.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Risks

There is little risk involved in the course of wisdom tooth extraction. Individuals less capable of fighting infection may need antibiotics in some cases. Studies show wisdom teeth complications often develop between ages 15 and 25. Dental surgery is often easiest during this period when the wisdom tooth is less developed in the jaw with faster recovery. Following your wisdom tooth removal expect to experience pain and swelling in the gums. Bleeding can occur for 24 hours. Dry socket is a painful condition that can also develop following surgery.
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