What Will Teeth Whitening Be Like in the Future?

Teeth Whitening Treatment in Tempe, AZ

In today’s world, teeth whitening is by far one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. You can get your teeth whitened during a routine visit with your dentist, or even buy a home teeth whitening kit from a pharmacy!

Teeth whitening isn’t just something that’s become popular over the past few decades, it’s actually been around for quote some time. Humans have been obsessed over the functionality and appearance of their mouths for thousands of years, and over time our methods of teeth whitening have become far more advanced.

But what will teeth whitening be like in the future? The best place to start to answer this question is with present day procedures. By looking at what we already have available, we’ll be able to determine exactly how dental technologies will advance.

One of the most popular teeth whitening procedures is teeth whitening trays which are worn for a few hours every day or while you sleep. This method usually takes up to 3 days or even a few weeks before seeing results. Perhaps the future of teeth whitening will include a more advanced tray that will allow for results to be seen within a few hours!

Another very popular method of teeth whitening is whitening strips. Available at almost any drug store or grocery market, whitening strips are an inexpensive and effective way to whiten your teeth. The future of teeth whitening could possibly include strips that melt away in your mouth as you wear them.

Laser teeth whitening is quickly becoming one of the most popular and technologically advanced ways to whiten your teeth. After applying a carbamide peroxide gel to the teeth, dentists expose the teeth to a proprietary dental laser which then breaks down the gel and punctures the enamel of the teeth in order to break down any hard-to-tackle stains. Advances in laser whitening will definitely make for an interesting future! Maybe an at-home, DIY dental laser?

Whatever the future may hold, we have teeth whitening solutions for the here and now. Give us a call today!