Why We Love Veneers (And You Should, Too!)

Dental Veneers in Tempe, AZ

It’s no secret, we love veneers – we’re dentists, after all – but there’s plenty of reason you’ll love them too! They’re the perfect solution for anyone looking to alter the shape, size or color of teeth. Here are some more reasons why we love dental veneers.

Dental veneers are incredibly thin pieces of porcelain used to alter the natural look of your teeth, but their function far exceeds pure aesthetics. Veneers also help your smile by providing the type of strength similar to what your natural teeth provide. Porcelain veneers actually contain several ceramic layers and an additional adhesive layer.

If veneers sound like the perfect option for you, you’ll need to consult with your dentist to ensure this is the case. Occasionally alternate solutions might be available to you, well below the cost of veneers. Your smile might also require some comprehensive dental work before veneers can be utilized. Since this procedure is considered irreversible, your dentist will outline a course of treatment in your first appointment.

The procedure for veneer application is rather straight forward, your dentist will be sure to answer questions you have along the way. Before the veneer can be applied, a small amount of the original tooth must be removed, often less than a millimeter. This removal is considered essential as it creates room for the veneer and restores the tooth function closest to its natural abilities.

Following your procedure you will most likely experience some sensitivity to temperature – this is completely normal. This feeling should dissipate in a week but often lasts as little as a few days. We’re sure you would agree a healthy smile that lasts a lifetime far outweighs feeling slightly uncomfortable.

We love veneers and we know you’ll love them too!