The Ugly Truth About Juice

If you haven’t already noticed – or taken part – there is a growing movement in America for healthier drink options. Sugary sodas are no longer a lunchtime staple as more people are seeking more nutritious options. Fruit juices have become one popular alternative, but are they any better? Some research emphatically declares ‘no’.

Medical researchers writing in The Lancet journals argue that due to its high sugar content, fruit juice could be just as destructive to our health as sugar-sweetened beverages such as carbonated drinks and sodas.

We see it everywhere at the grocery store – name-brand juices promising nutritional value; excellent sources of vitamin c, antioxidants or a daily serving of fruit. Don’t be fooled – many beverage companies are simply rebranding to accommodate the demand. In reality, many of these juices contain more sugar than the American Heart Association recommends you consume in a day, let alone one sitting.

Take your average bottle of Naked Juice Green Machine and a sugary soda like Mountain Dew – how much do think these beverages have in common? Hint: it’s more than just their green color.

Some consumers will be shocked to learn both bottles carry 60 grams of sugar, a good percentage of which is classified as fructose; a major contributor to elevated triglycerides and elevated LDL, depletion of vitamins and minerals, cardiovascular disease, liver disease, cancer, arthritis, and even gout. Fructose also has an adverse effect on your overall weight.

As your dentist is quick to remind you, sugar is also the stuff that rots your teeth. Sugar that coats the teeth eventually results in destructive acids that gradually wear away the protective enamel of your teeth. This is a surefire way to develop tooth decay which often results in expensive dental procedures.

Watch your sugar intake and always be sure to read the label. This might also be a good opportunity to remind everyone that a cool glass of water will never go out of style!