Can Tooth Decay Be Reversed by Diet?

Is there an enemy of your smile more dastardly than tooth decay? Like kryptonite to Superman, dental caries are the Achilles heel of healthy teeth. Is there any way to reverse the course of this wicked infection without professional intervention? According to the British Medical Journal, the answer is potentially so.

A study performed across a sample of 62 children with cavities was conducted, the young patients were divided into three dietary groups. Group 1 was prescribed a regimen of standard food like oatmeal – which is rich in phytic acid. Group 2 was prescribed their normal everyday diet and supplemented with vitamin D. Group 3 was prescribed a grain-free diet and also supplemented with vitamin D.

The results noted that children from Group 1 showed an uptick in cavities. Group 2 exhibited minor improvements to existing cavities. Group 3 – children who consumed vegetables, fruits, meat and milk – saw the greatest improvement to existing cavities.

Studies like this suggest our relationship with tooth decay is not perfectly understood – researchers still have much to learn about cavities in teeth. The study also suggests understanding the link between diet and tooth decay potentially holds the key to addressing the rising amount of patients developing decay.

Not surprisingly, the worst offender among diets is sugar. Though we crave it, sugar is the substance that fuels oral bacteria and prevents a healthy flow of dental fluids. Its high concentration of acidity inevitably decalcifies the protective enamel of the tooth.

Raw dairy products have been shown to assist in the healthy dental fluid flow. Products like goat’s milk, raw cheese and organic yogurts can literally ward off infection from developing. The added minerals also help to strengthen teeth and maintain their proper function.

Don’t allow tooth decay to fester in your mouth – if you believe you have a cavity, it’s best to see us right away. Schedule an appointment and keep tooth decay far away from your smile!