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Most people think that dental procedures designed to address cavities only occur after their dentist discovers tooth decay – dental sealants paint a vastly different picture. It may turn out that the best dental procedure designed to fight cavities actually occurs before you develop oral health problems.

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Dental sealants are considered a form of preventative dentistry which act as a shield against the development of tooth decay. This thin plastic material can do some powerful oral health advantages after it’s been applied to the chewing surfaces along the back of your teeth – an area where your premolars and molars are most vulnerable.

Your toothbrush is a highly-effective tool, but only up to a point – there is plenty of plaque removal it cannot achieve when acting on its own merits. Specifically, most toothbrushes can’t reach their way inside the depressions and grooves of your back teeth to extract food debris and plaque.

This is where dental sealants come into play, ‘sealing’ up sensitive areas where tooth decay can easily develop. The best part is that dental sealants can be applied in a breeze, a simple dental procedure designed to produce some seriously smart protection.

A dental sealant is applied by painting it along the tooth’s enamel, the place where it will bond directly to the surface. The plastic resin will bond to the depressions and grooves and harden, making it indistinguishable from the other parts of your teeth. Provided the sealant remains intact, the tooth’s surface is shielded from plaque and acids that can wear down your protective enamel.

The likelihood of developing cavities is most prevalent among children, making them an excellent candidate for dental sealants. It’s worth noting that adults can still experience the benefits of sealants too, however.

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