A Real Solution for Snoring

Are you snoring every night after you turn in for a good night sleep? You might not actually know you have a problem unless your loved one gives you the unfortunate news – your sleep activity is interrupting their sleep schedule. So now what are you going to do about it?

Man is snoring

Take heart – this is not your problem alone. Millions of Americans are affected by snoring, a condition commonly caused by the structure of your mouth. As oxygen gradually slips through an airway narrowed by the roof of your mouth and jaw position, it makes a sound not unlike a lumberjack sawing through a sturdy log.

Snoring can seriously interrupt your quality of life – not to mention your partner’s. Snoring can also be symptomatic of a larger problem, sleep apnea, a condition characterized as breathing during sleep that continually stops and starts. Sleep apnea can open the door to a slew of other health problems whenever it goes untreated.

What treatment options are available to patients? It depends on how severe your particular case is in actuality. Your doctor will outline some specific options to your case which could entail mild forms like a custom mouth guard or more intensive forms like surgery.

A custom mouth guard has curbed snoring habits for the majority of patients. This simple plastic device is comfortable enough for every night usage as it’s tailored to the contours of your mouth – you’ll barely even notice it over time. The device opens up the airways and ensures snoring is not a byproduct of your sleep.

Oral surgery has often been utilized to correct conditions that contribute to more extreme disorders that create snoring, conditions such as an underbite. While surgery is only performed in necessary situations, your doctor will advise you what the best course of action is in your situation.

Earplugs only work so long before you need a real solution to snoring!