Why People Love Our AZ Dentists

Not every AZ dentist is built to go the distance! Ever wonder why people love our AZ dentists at Tempe Smiles? There’s a ton of compelling things that make us the premier family dentist in the valley of the sun!

Tempe Smiles is committed to providing every patient with an exceptional level of care. We believe your entire family deserves a winning smile built to stand the test of time.

Nobody helps you practice prevention quite like us. Prevention is the key when it comes to a brighter smile and saving big bucks on dental procedures!

It all starts with regular dental cleanings, cleanings that bring your entire mouth back up to speed. Brushing and flossing at home isn’t enough to prevent the development of tooth decay. Our doctors recommend you schedule no less than two appointments a year (every six months) for a checkup.

Another reason people love our team is our commitment goes well beyond your smile – we’re dedicated to maintaining your overall health! We tackle common infections like gum disease to prevent complications from developing in the future. We also screen our patients for oral cancers using the latest technologies.

What else makes us exceptionally different from other dentists? We place your comfort above everything. We offer many types of sedation dentistry so you experience virtually no discomfort during your dental procedure. We’re experts at soothing the nerves of our more anxious patients, especially children.

Visit Tempe Smiles for your next routine cleaning and discover firsthand what makes our AZ dentists so special!