Tips for Integrating Flossing Into Your Life

One of the biggest incentives to start flossing is to realize that the bacteria in between teeth can cause tooth decay in places that a toothbrush will never reach, but that’s not immediate enough for some people to really get it. Here’s another one. If you don’t floss, you’re pretty much guaranteed to have bad breath most of the time. For the socially conscious among us, that hits home a little better. If you ever want to be intimate with someone again without wondering whether or not your breath is a bit offensive, here are some ways to work flossing in:

  • Floss after lunch. Dental floss is pretty portable, and it’s really easy to keep a roll in your desk or briefcase. Instead of jumping right back to work (because that’s what you always do, right?), make a pit stop and floss in the bathroom.
  • Floss during traffic. This serves the dual purpose of getting your mind off of the slow driver in front of you and improving your oral health. If you’re pretty much at a standstill, whip it out and floss your pearly whites.
  • Floss while watching TV. Don’t want to miss a minute of Game of Thrones? (editors note: you know I don’t) Take the floss with you to the living room and get comfortable while you’re cleaning your teeth. It feels less like a chore this way, but just make sure you’re paying enough attention to floss properly.
  • Floss in the shower. Some people like to brush in the shower, and there’s no reason why you can’t floss in there, as well. This is helpful when your mornings are full of responsibilities and you don’t have the luxury of taking your time.

The ADA recommends that in order to maintain healthy teeth and gums, you need to floss at least once daily. Fortunately, it doesn’t matter WHEN you floss as much as HOW you floss. As long as you’re flossing properly (making a “C” shape and getting the entire tooth) you can do it at whatever time is best for you. If you’ve always struggled to work it into your routine, try the ideas above until you find a time that works.