Summer Travel Tips for a Healthy Smile

So you’ve got big plans to hit your summer home for a few weeks in upstate New York, or maybe you’re just headed to Sedona for the weekend. Either way, it’s important that while you’re on vacation, you don’t take a vacation from your oral hygiene routine. Here are some tips on how to keep your teeth healthy while you’re away from home.

Tips for Healthy Smile by Tempe Smiles Family Dental

Look for Travel-Sized Hygiene Products

A collapsible toothbrush, a disposable tooth flosser or a roll of floss is easy to fit into your purse or carry-on. There are also several travel-sized products available that conform to airport security standards. Just be sure to look for the ADA seal on the oral care products you buy.

Pack properly

If you do take your regular-sized toothbrush with you on the road or on the plane, make sure your case is clean and that you wash it out regularly. Also, once you’ve reached your destination, take your toothbrush out and let it dry. If it stays wet, it’s going to breed bacteria, so pull it out and sit it upright in a cup.

Take a Brushing Break

If you’re on the road, or laying over in an airport, that’s not a bad time to sneak in a quick brush. Especially if you have kids in the car, you’re going to stop fairly often, so why not do your daily brushing routine while you’re at it?

Know What the Locals Do

If the local water isn’t safe to drink, it’s not safe for brushing, either. Either boil some water or take a bottled water with you.

Pace Yourself With the Sweet Stuff

It’s a typical tendency to indulge ourselves a little more when we’re on vacation. Pair that with somewhat more lax brushing habits, and you’re exposing your teeth to conditions that lead to decay. Enjoy yourself, but keep an eye on your sugar intake.

Tooth-Friendly Treats

Sometimes, you just can’t brush as much as you normally would. In this case, pack some sugar-free gum to chew after meals. The saliva flow will help clean your teeth. Green tea is another tooth-friendly drink that’s full of antioxidants.

Whatever your plans are for the summer, be sure both you and the kids keep up your routines, and if it’s time for a checkup, call for an appointment today!