Rainy Day Activities for Kids

With so much rain over the past few weeks and even more on its way, we decided to put together a list of some of our favorite rainy day activities to keep you and your kids occupied when you’re stuck inside! Take a look at some of these awesome projects!

Rainy Day Activities for Kids

Photo of a balloon
Balloon Rockets

What you’ll need:

6 feet of yarn

Two chairs

One balloon

Drinking straw



Instructions: First, tie one of the string to the back of a chair. Then, thread the straw onto the other end of the string. After tying the string to the second chair, attach two pieces of tape (approximately two inches in length) to the middle of the straw. Inflate the balloon without tying the end. Hold onto the opening of the balloon and attach it to the tape. Let go of the opening and watch what happens!

You can tie the string to as many different things in your house as you’d like and watch the balloon rocket blast off!

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Craft art
Craft Stick Shapes

What you’ll need:

Craft sticks

Assorted colored markers



Instructions: This one is super easy. All you need to do is have your kids choose a shape they’d like to build, say how many sides each shape has, choose the right amount of craft sticks, color the sticks and glue them together! Take a look at the photo above for an example.

via ABeeCPreschool.blogspot.com

Art of an octopus
DIY Moonsand

What you’ll need:

Play sand



One plastic storage container

Instructions: Start off by mixing nine cups of play sand with 3 cups of cornstarch. Add 2 1/4 cups of water and continue to add the rest while mixing until you’ve reached the desired consistency. Add sand, cornstarch and water as necessary and enjoy!

via SkipToMyLou.org

What are some of your favorite indoor activities to do on a rainy day? Let us know on our Facebook page!