Great Ways to Utilize Your Old Retired Toothbrushes

Do you have an old toothbrush laying around? It may not be all that old considering you replace it every six months (right?), but you don’t have to send your old friend into the halls of history just yet – there are plenty of uses for that old timer. Check it out

Small baby is smiling

Crayon Remover

Did your little Picasso get a little too excited with that box of crayons? If you have any crayon markings on your wall, an old toothbrush can help you remove the damage. Apply a little bit of shaving cream and rub it out in a circular motion.

Eyebrow Brush

Your old brush might not be sanitary enough to use in your mouth anymore, but it can still help keep other parts of you clean. Use it as a simple eyebrow brush if it’s relatively clean.

Clean Out Your Nails

It’s hard to remove that deposited dirt from under your nails unless you clip them – this is another great use of your old brush. Grab a little bit of soap and use some running water to get a good scrub on.

Shoe Shiner

Do you have a beat up pair of shoes in the back of your closet that have easily seen better days? Grab a little cup of hot water and some soap and clean them up. Some soaps can help remove scuff marks while others can help clean the sole.

Clean Grout Grime

Is there tile anywhere in your house? Chances are its grout has built up a fair share of grime. Put a little baking soda and water on the affected area and brush it out – it works like a charm. You’ll see new life in your tile in no time.

For even more cool uses for your old toothbrush, check out this handy guide.