Little Known Tempe Secrets

When most people think about Tempe their first thought goes to the colossal Arizona State University that house the fighting Sun Devils. Everybody knows about the popular spots- Mill Avenue ,Tempe Beach Park and the Botanical Gardens but what about destinations off the beaten path?

Here are Tempe’s little known secrets.

Frisbee Golf in Papago Park

This is a great activity that the whole family can enjoy. Tucked away in Papago Park is an entire 18 “hole” disc golf course.  Disc golf is just like regular golf but instead of clubs and balls the objective is to get your Frisbee into baskets. Be careful though! There are several embankments that your Frisbee could fall into which may require you to get a little wet.

It’s absolutely free you just need to bring your own discs!

Hike “A” Mountain

Everybody is familiar with “A” mountain but did you know that you can actually hike the revered peak that represents the Sun Devils? That’s how those pesky Wildcats always get up the mountain to paint our A blue.

The hike is about a mile and is actually a great workout if you don’t have much time!

Hall of Flame Museum

vintage car in a museum

Did you know that Tempe has its very own museum dedicated to firefighters? The Hall of Flame museum is a great place to bring your kids who love firefighters and fire trucks. With over 90 fully restored pieces of fire apparatus on display The Hall of Flame museum is a visual history of firefighting in America and Arizona.

Tickets are incredibly affordable!

That’s all for our first round of secret Tempe gems. Where do you like to go to escape the hustle and bustle of Mill Ave? Let us know in the comment section or on Facebook! We’d love to hear from you!