How Dentures Can Keep You Out of Trouble

You might be surprised to learn how dentures can keep you out of trouble – yes, you!

Perhaps you figured you were never the type to wear dentures, but the projected number of adults who need them is expected to rise to 38 million by 2020! Dentures – even partial dentures – can make a huge difference in preventing oral health complications later on in life.

The primary advantage to dentures is their functionality. Your dentures will help you correct problems with your existing bite by replacing the teeth in your mouth. Modern dentures not only function better than they did in previous generations, they also can be worn more comfortably thanks to their sleek design.

Another popular trait associated with dentures is their ability to provide the wearer with much more flexibility. These replacement teeth arrive in several different styles including full or partial dentures, accommodating your existing needs. Full dentures are perfect for anyone who’s lost the majority of their natural teeth while partial dentures are ideal for filling in unsightly gaps.

There’s no getting around the aesthetic qualities a new set of dentures adds to your smile. You’ll feel confident in your smile once again, we guarantee your dentures will model your natural teeth. Our skilled team will use the highest quality materials when creating your set.

Most importantly, dentures are essential to your health. They support the bones in your face and prevent them from weakening over time. Having a natural bite also ensures you can maintain a healthy diet and keep yourself properly nourished.

How often are you seeing a dentist? If you’re not visiting your AZ dentist every 6 months you could be on the fast track for artificial teeth later down the road. It’s recommended you schedule your family an appointment no less than twice annually.

Of course, not everybody needs dentures. The important thing to note is that tooth loss doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a process.

Curious what dentures will cost you? They’re actually one of the most affordable options for replacement teeth. Schedule an appointment with Tempe Smiles and start seeing your new smile.