Cheap Valentine’s Date Ideas

Ok, so you have that special someone in your life. Maybe it’s a new relationship, and you really want to show him or her your romantic side this Valentine’s day, or maybe it’s your longtime love whose birthday you may have forgotten about, and recovering from that blunder is a crucial matter. There’s just one problem. Money’s a little tight after the holidays and your New Year’s Resolutions to join a gym and get back to regular dentist visits are wearing your budget a little thin. If you’re a little strapped for cash, or if you’d just rather do something a little low-key and dodge the crowds this year, here are some ideas on being both romantic AND frugal.

Image of a couple sitting in the garden

Cooking for Two

Not only does the home-cooked meal save you a ton of money, but preparing it together is part of the experience, and if one of you is a bit lost in the kitchen, you can make a deal that one of you cooks while the other sets the mood by decorating your home. If you’re really feeling adventurous, you can run a search for a new, exotic dish.

Watch Romantic Movies

Complete the dinner and a movie experience by sitting down to watch your favorite rom coms together. Share a bowl of popcorn and pop a movie that you’re dying to see or an old favorite. You can also relive your early dating days by watching the first movie you ever watched together.

Skip the Reservation and Hit the Wine Bar

Going just for drinks at a place is more convenient, because you can show up and then leave whenever you want, no reservation required. Valentine’s falls on a Saturday this year, so the restaurants will be extra crowded. Cut down on the stress by having dinner at home and then leisurely wandering over to the bar if the two of you are still up to it.

Online Deals

There are plenty of Valentine’s-themed deals on online coupon sites, so keep your eye out on great bargains you can enjoy with your other half. You can run a search (for example. Valentine’s 85284) to come up with restaurant deals, gifts and interesting outings you hadn’t thought of, like mystery theater or painting night.

There are several ways to do romance on a budget. All it takes is a little creativity!