Best Teeth: Bond Girls

Always known for being a man of style, James Bond was always surrounded by the most luxurious and the most deadly women. Throughout the movie series that has now spanned six decades, seven different Bonds have taken the screen and several ladies have accompanied them. Here’s a look at the most dazzling and the most deadly smiles among the bond girls throughout the history of the saga.



Die Another Day Was the 20th Bond film to be made 40 years after the first one. Giacinta ‘Jinx’ Johnson is the NSA operative played by Halle Berry who is sent to kill a North Korean agent named Zao. Jinx emerges from the ocean in homage to Honey Ryder from the first Bond film, Dr. No. Berry was fresh from her Oscar win for Monster’s Ball at the time, and described Jinx as “fashion-forward, modern and the next step in the evolution of women in the Bond movies.”

Kimberly Jones

kimberly jones

Played by Swedish actress Mary Stovin, Kimberley Jones is an MI6 agent who helps Bond on a mission to Siberia in 1985’s A View to a Kill. In the film, she awaits a snowboarding Bond aboard a boat disguised as an iceberg, where the couple share caviar and vodka.

Mary Goodnight

mary goodnight

Another Swedish actress, Britt Ekland, portrays the Bond girl with a smile to die for in The Man with the Golden Gun. Goodnight is 007’s assistant in Hong Kong as he searches for the girlfriend of Scaramanga, a hitman who eventually kidnaps Goodnight. After Bond dispenses with Scaramanga, the two escape the island in fashion.

Tatiana Romanova

tatiana romanova

Portrayed by Italian actress Daniela Bianchi, Romanova works for the Soviet Embassy in Istanbul in 1963’s From Russia with Love. Her job is to seduce Bond with her beautiful smile and other charms and lead him to his death. She ends up escaping with Bond on the Orient Express train and remaining loyal to him.

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