12 Foods That Naturally Whiten Teeth

While there are plenty of products available to help you brighten your pearly whites, there are also plenty of foods that whiten teeth. To adhere to the old adage that food is medicine can help us maintain optimal health in several areas without the potential for side effects or complications from treatments. Here’s a list from your Tempe dentist of some smile-brightening foods.

Teeth Whitening in Tempe, AZ

Strawberries: Thanks to the malic acid contained in the fruit, strawberries act as a natural astringent that helps remove surface stains of your teeth.

Seeds and Nuts: Because they’re hard and abrasive, they rub plaque and stains off your teeth when you chew them. They’re also full of protein and healthy fats, which help your body in other areas as well.

Onions: Although they’re not great for your breath just before a first date, they could be great for your teeth. Since they have no color, they don’t cause surface stains. Also, hopefully, you’re brushing afterwards, which definitely helps your teeth.

Oranges: While a lot isn’t good for your teeth, eating one every once in a while can be good for your teeth and your overall health.

Apples: Crunching apples strengthens your gums and because they contain so much water, they also increase saliva flow. Saliva’s the body’s natural defense against bacteria buildup on teeth, which lead to plaque.

Pears: These are also a saliva-inducer.

Celery: This crunchy, low-calorie food is also great for your teeth for the same reasons. The crunch and the water content stimulate saliva and strengthen your gums.

Carrots: This root vegetable is crunchy when it’s fresh and are a great addition to tooth-friendly salads. They’re also 88% water.

Broccoli: The florets are great for scrubbing the surface of your teeth. It’s almost like eating and brushing at the same time.

Cheese: Especially the harder cheeses are full of calcium, which your body needs to remineralize teeth. Also, most cheeses are almost colorless, which means they don’t stain.

Milk and Yogurt:. The high calcium content strengthens your tooth enamel, making it whiter.

Water: This is the best way to rinse away the staining foods and reducing the acidity of your mouth.

For a brighter smile, look for these next time you’re in the grocery store. It’s also important to stick to your oral health habits and see your Tempe dentist regularly.